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Reinvent The Future

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How we furnish our home is a way to say who we really are and communicate our personality in a clear and direct way.

Today we are talking about vintage furniture, a style that looks to the past and reinvents the future. The vintage style can take on various forms and aspects, but holds a common relationship, “the desire to amaze!”

A vintage piece has the ability to make a statement and steal the attention of the room, like this vintage bed frame. It can be the piece that complements your vintage collection. If your style is very minimalist, by adding the vintage pieces in the second and fourth photo below, you will make the room feel confident and complete.

Vintage is a style that takes you back to the past, which evokes nostalgia and comfort at the same time, but above all is authentic and original. There is no house furnished in a vintage style like the other, so if you are looking for unique interior design to express yourself, this is the style for you!

Dickens-Mitchener & Associates

Lattice Carved Chinese Wedding Canopy Bed

72" Shiny Black Handpainted Oriental Dresser With Mother Of Pearl Inlays and Glass Top, Two Doors and Six Felt Lined Drawers

Asian Bedroom, Atlanta

Ming Style End Table in Ebony Finish

Ming Style End Table in Ebony Finish

Scherrer Construction

Chinese Antique End Table With Hidden Drawers

48" Oriental Coffee Table, Antique Black With Scroll Legs

Luxury Waterfront Home Jackie Syvertsen Windermere Real Estate

Asian Rosewood Step Curio Cabinet

Oriental Rattan Arm Chair

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Ming Style End Table in Ebony Finish

Ming Style End Table in Ebony Finish

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